Business Line of Credit

Use only what you need, pay interest only on what you use. A true small business MVP.

How much money can you use?

Funding Capacity

Up to $250,000


Up to 36 Months

Payment Schedule

Weekly, monthly


As fast as 24 hours

Working capital that’s there whenever you need it

Looking for super-flexible funding? A business line of credit is a revolving cash fund you can draw from anytime, for just about anything – whether it’s staffing up for the busy season or covering a surprise expense. 

You only pay interest on what you use, and as you pay back what you’ve borrowed, the funds top off again. Just like a credit card…or bottomless mimosas.

Tap into your credit as often as you need to – there’s no limit to how often you use it

Looking for a supplement? Business lines of credit are completely independent from any financing you already have

No prepayment penalties.